Private Yoga Sessions

Schedule a private or group session to delve deeper into your yoga practice. 

** Get support in setting up your individual daily / weekly practice in your home

** Learn new postures and trouble shoot the postures giving you a hard time

** Individualized suggestions for poses, breath work, relaxation and meditation 

** Gain confidence in your innate beauty and radiance!

** Settle deeper into Savasana with energy work ("assisted savasana")

What you can expect from a session:  
   * I offer sessions at my studio or I can come to your house if you're unable to travel easily.
   * The sessions last 60 - 90 minutes, depending on how we create it. Our first session may be longer as we check in and get a good starting picture.  
   * As part of your session, I will also offer any relevant complementary health suggestions such as yoga poses, herbs, "home remedies", healing foods, ayurveda, homeopathy and relaxation techniques.
   * You may choose to incorporate Yoga Nidra - yogic sleep or energy work into the resting period of your individualized practice.


60 - 75 minute private lesson - $60

30 minute private yoga lesson and 60 minute CST lesson - $100

Sliding scale, trade and barter can be possible.   Talk to me and we can figure it out!   I'm also a member of the Missoula Time Bank Network where you could join and "pay" through your hours accumulated on the network.  

Contact me for more information and to set up an appointment!