Kids and Parents

Peaceful Heart Yoga has classes for kids and parents!

Why yoga for kids?

Through yoga, meditation and mindfulness children may...

* develop more body awareness, increasing confidence

* move while they learn, syncing body movement and mind development, which has been shown to increase academic success

* reduce stress by using the breath and moving the body

* maintain/re-create self-respect and a sense of worth and love for self

* reduce fears and phobias

* go to sleep easier

* become stronger and more confident physically, mentally and emotionally

* feel empowered

* learn that being sensitive is a beautiful gift and find tools to feel safe

*** Your child is already naturally skilled at yoga! Yoga is a place to explore, learn and grow. She/he does not need to be calm and quiet to do yoga. Kids yoga is meant to be fun and full of movement and can also teach calming skills. The "craziest" of kids need these classes the most because yoga can give them the grounding they desperately need! ***

Some Kids Yoga techniques to use at home....


"Peace Breath" - inhale through nose, exhale the whispered word "peace".

"Flower Breath" - hold out your hand and imagine the perfect flower to bring you the energy you need growing out of it - take a big "smell" of it breathing in through the nose and exhale with an audible sigh of contentment.

"Om Breath" - inhale lift arms to the sky and bring palms together, exhale the sound "oooommm" as you bring your hands to the heart.

"River Breath" - let yourself relax and become more cooperative, even if you don't want to do something. You can be like a river! Sit with legs straight out in front, breathe in reach arms to the sky then exhale as you say whoosh and the arms reach for the toes like waves over the legs. (compare to seated forward fold)

"Volcano Breath" - Anger needs to flow.... If it's too big to use your words and solve the problem, try to "let off some steam" like a volcano first. Stand with legs wide, bend knees. Rub the hands together to make heat and tighten the body as you feel the anger. Sink toward the ground as you breathe in and explode popping up and making noise. Grab the clarified power of the anger floating in front of you to return to your body for conscious use - asking for what you need, clarifying miscommunications, telling somebody "no" or standing up for yourself.

"Laughing Breath" - Things too serious? Holding a grudge? Stand up tall, breathe in as you reach to the sky, exhale swoosh your hands toward the ground bending in half as you laugh and laugh. Let your knees bend a little as you swing down. (compare to breath of joy)

"Reach for the sun Breath" - Need some energy? Need help focusing your energy when its all over the place? Inhale as you reach up with one hand and pretend to grab a piece of the sun. Exhale and say "HA" powerfully as you pretend to put it into your own belly (solar plexus). Do 4 - 10 times alternating hands. (compare to bastrika breath)


Cat/cow (from hands and knees - rounded and arched back). Say "Meow!" and "Moo!"

Downward Dog (hands and feet, bottom up high - a triangle). Lift your "tail" (leg) high to the sky and wag it around.

Tree (stand on one foot, other foot on opposite inner side of leg, knee open). Have somebody pretend to be the wind as they run around you and try to distract you. Keep your eyes focused on a spot on the floor and focus your attention on your own body.

Frog (squat). Point with one hand and say "see that fly there?? I'm gonna get that fly" (twist). Then jump as high as you can to get that fly!

Crescent moon (standing, arms overhead hands together arch to the side)

Bird (stand on one straight strong leg, hinge in half as you put other leg straight out behind you, "wings" extended to the side).

Bee (yoga mudra - hands clasp and pull back behind back) Exhale bzzzz as you fly around.

Snake (cobra - on belly, hands under shoulders push up) Exhale sssss as you lower to your belly.

Mirror game: Face your partner and take turns being the leader as your "mirror" does exactly as you do.

Pet Shop game: You and your friends act like an animal on your yoga mats (your cages) and one person comes around to "buy" one of you and take you home! Everybody gets a turn. Try out a new animal then, or make up your own!