Current Mixed Age Class

Peaceful Heart Preschool

Current 2019/2020 School Year:

Mixed Age Class (age 3 - 5)

This program offers an introduction to being in school. Children can increase independence, friendship skills, emotional awareness, motor skills (helps the brain develop too!) and a start exploring a fun, pressure-free introduction to academics. This year the 4 year old class will operate side by side with the 3 year old class, offering the rich educational opportunity of a mixed age classroom.

Children must be potty trained and turn 3 years-old by October 2019 to enroll in this program.


  • The 3 year old class and the 4 year old class operate side by side this year for a mixed-age experience.
  • Class operates Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 - 12:00. (This is the 2019/2020 school year schedule - see HERE for details on the schedule for the 2020/2021 school year).
  • The class is led by Jess Matthiae, the owner of Peaceful Heart Preschool. An intern joins us as well.
  • We follow the public school calendar (Sept - mid June)
  • Tuition: $172 per month (current 2019-20 school year pricing)

To register:

Please note, this current school year's schedule and tuition rate is accurate on this website - there is some outdated information on the above application form. Please refer here for up to date information.

Sample Daily Schedule

9:00 - Arrival Art Activity / Centers - This may include coloring, cutting, gluing or playdough and as the year progresses we start "centers" where more options are available such as puzzles, marble roll sets, magnetic building blocks and more.

9:30 - Morning Circle and Lesson - Our routines and daily rhythm put in place: We may sing a good morning song, make some yoga shapes, take a few, fun yoga breaths, count, move and dance to music around our circle rug or share stories. As the year progresses, we might meet a letter character, act out his/her story, sing a song, practice counting or focus on a specific subject area (science, art, animals, music).

9:45 - Yoga - We will move and breathe and learn body awareness through games, music, play, acting out letters, teamwork, yoga poses, balance, focus, strength building, relaxation and more! We might do poses as a story, dance to a song with animal poses built in or they may create their own new yoga postures!

10:30 - Snack - Organic, healthy snack provided. Bathroom, wash hands, sit together and take a breath to settle and relax our bodies and minds. We eat all together and practice healthy social skills by passing bowls of food around the table. A community event full of stories and laughter.

10:45 - Play - The kids get to explore the classroom (arts and crafts, play kitchen, doll house, building materials and more). The children's main arena of work in preschool is social and emotional development, so during this child-led time, the kids get to test out their skills! Basic activities and materials are always available (crayons, paper, puzzles, books) and other options circulate in based on our monthly theme or to offer a new challenge. I will give input and guidance individually or with small groups of children. Both academically and socially, I will offer new ideas, encourage, assist and step back as necessary depending on what is best for each child and situation at the time. During this time children can feel empowerment and ownership over their activities, interactions and choices. Seeds are planted and I continue to guide and be present, but the children are making the choices.

11:50 - Closing Circle and Story - Review what we learned, take a moment to reflect, say what we're grateful for, sing a song that brings us together so we can say meaningful goodbyes.