Studio rental

Peaceful Heart Yoga Studio is a versatile space that is especially friendly to children. An open floor is available for meetings, yoga, individual therapy sessions, dance, etc., while the other half is a preschool classroom available for play.

Some amenities:

* a child (and adult!) friendly bathroom in the studio

* a round child's size table that can be adjusted simply to adult size and a 6 foot wooden folding table.

* 24 folding chairs

* a large porch with a picnic table

* plenty of parking

* a big grassy area to one side of the building, a park and playground across the street

* yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, pillows, blankets and a massage table available

* a kitchenette: sink and counter, hot plate, mini fridge, toaster oven, dishes and silverware

* a separate cozy area (a curtain separates this from the main area)

* a preschool classroom in which to play! toys, blocks, art materials


* $15 - $25 per hour, depending on frequency of use, my involvement, how much I advertise for you, your income from events, etc.

Want to use the space on a regular basis? Other options available depending on usage... Want to teach a regular class? Rent the space for a couple evenings each week? A couple days each month? Need occasional use to offer massage or other therapies?


* Jess Matthiae