Yoga and Meditation for Adults

Fridays: 12:30pm - 1:45pm

Drop in class - no registration required!

$12 per class

5 class punch card for $50

Prenatal Yoga

Taught by Kendra Potter

For any stage of pregnancy and any level of yoga experience. Nurture your amazing body, connect with your growing baby and take a moment to breathe through all of it.

Saturday, February 8

11am - 2pm

To Register:

Re-Igniting Intimacy

A one day workshop for couples with children

With Prairie Wolfe

Adding children to a family is an unbelievable blessing, but it also adds stress to a partnership. We have less time, less energy, less patience, less privacy. We're constantly giving support to our family, yet it can be difficult to ask for it ourselves.

I'll tell you a secret: Women want sex. Women want connection with their partners. But here's the deal- they need to feel safe and secure in order to relax into intimacy. They need to feel heard, seen, and supported.

Birth will blow you open, and we have an opportunity to really delve into that openness and expand our relationships into something even more spectacular and more connected than ever before.In this full day workshop we will slow down and dive into deep embodiment and loving communication to discover ways to rekindle the fire of intimacy in the postpartum time.

We will be using movement, breath work, and gentle touch throughout the day, as well as touching upon Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent. All couples welcome, whether 6 months or 10 years postpartum.

Light snacks and tea provided

Prairie Wolfe is a Sexological Bodyworker, an intimacy coach, and as a certified INNATE postpartum care provider. She is an inspired and passionate student of the body and finds deep satisfaction in helping other people discover what’s inside of them. Her work is informed by the social nervous system- knowing that humans evolved as group animals and that our physical and emotional health require authentic and trustworthy connection in order to truly blossom.

Providing truly resourced and physiological care for new mamas can reshape our culture and our future. Prairie provides care through nourishment, mindful presence, bodywork, and holistic pelvic care.

February 29 and March 7

A Two Saturday Series:

10am - 2pm

Details about Registration:

  • Pre-registration required
  • When to take the class: Between 20-35 weeks of pregnancy
  • Cost of series: $100/family
  • Cost includes partner/ support people. I encourage you to bring at least one additional person if possible. This way, you’re not tasked with disseminating the information to your support team; instead you can focus on integration.
  • Some spots available at a sliding scale rate- please inquire.
  • ​Please email with any questions and to register.

INNATE Postpartum Care

Community Education Series

Prepare for the "Fourth Trimester": A class for pregnant women

With Prairie Wolfe

When a baby is born, so is a mother.

The Fourth Trimester is a critical time for both mama and baby. This series brings in-depth knowledge around maternal postpartum needs to expecting families.

Our two classes will focus on the 5 essentials of postpartum healing, and ways to incorporate appropriate and accessible care into your postnatal plan. These 5 Essentials of Mother-Centered Postpartum Care for Family Wellness, as evidenced by postpartum practices that have been in place for thousands of years, are:

  • The science of profound rest to safeguard the birthing parent’s pelvic and hormonal health,
  • The importance of postpartum nutrition on short and long-term wellness, milk production, and mental health,
  • The value of body care for birth integration, detoxification, and tissue healing,
  • The wisdom of warming practices, to facilitate physical healing and increase oxytocin,
  • The value of community, how that looks for you, your family, and your specific needs.

We will hold our final class after every family has birthed their baby. In this way we welcome and celebrate each other into the new iteration of family.

INNATE Postpartum Care - Community Education Series: Mother-Centered Postpartum Care for Family Wellness; ROOTED IN REVITALIZED COMMUNITY SUPPORT

Light snacks and tea provided.

Prairie Wolfe is a certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. We will study curriculum created by Innate Traditions with Rachelle Garcia Seliga and referencing "The Fourth Trimester" by Kimberly Ann Johnson. You can find copies of this book at Shakespeare and Co. in Missoula or purchase copies during class.

To learn more about Prairie, check out her website:

60 minute individual or group private lesson - $75

30 minute private yoga lesson and 60 minute CranioSacral session - $100

Contact me for more information and to set up an appointment!

Private Yoga Sessions

Schedule a private or group session to delve deeper into your yoga practice.

** Schedule your whole family to sync up by doing a yoga class together! Any group of ages welcome.

** Get support in setting up your individual daily / weekly practice in your home

** Learn new postures and trouble shoot the postures giving you a hard time

** Individualized suggestions for poses, breath work, relaxation and meditation

** Gain confidence in your innate beauty and radiance!

** Settle deeper into Savasana with energy work ("assisted savasana")

What you can expect from a session:

* I offer sessions at my studio or I can come to your house if you're unable to travel easily.

* The sessions last 60 - 90 minutes, depending on how we create it. Our first session may be longer as we check in and get a good starting picture.

* As part of your session, I will also offer any relevant complementary health suggestions such as yoga poses, herbs, "home remedies", healing foods, ayurveda, homeopathy and relaxation techniques for you to research. (note, I am not officially trained in any of these)

Next one around November 2020!


No experience necessary - a very simple, calming practice. Lots of freedom to move around and modify (vata does not like to be contained!) Email or call 406-239-9642 with questions.

Yoga for Anxiety

Soothing the "Vata" wind through Yoga, Mindfulness, Lifestyle shifts, Breath work and more

An afternoon workshop for a basic introduction to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with a focus on yoga and self care techniques to reduce the seasonal energy of VATA, which shows up as anxiety, insomnia, worry, ungroundedness and a tight, dry body

We are NOW in the Vata season! You may be feeling all of this with more intensity....

We all have some of the VATA dosha - Vata (in Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga) is the energy that governs movement. It is light, subtle, dry and cold... It gives us creativity, a quick mind, freshness, excitement, vibrancy and connection to spirit.

In excess, VATA brings:

* Anxiety, Worry and Fear

* Dry skin and Coldness

* A feeling of not being settled; restlessness

* Insomnia

* Spaciness and being easily distracted

* Nervous system conditions

* Digestive distress

* Frequently depleted and exhausted

We also live in a SOCIETY OF EXCESSIVE VATA: Fear, technology and its virtual reality, focus on the mental body, excessive travel and commuting, excessive communication, global community (news), disconect from the earth and our food and too little local community connection and support. These all increase Vata. Those of us with a tendency toward vata will feel these effects quicker. And in Ayurveda they say "Always mind Vata" - excessive vata can lead to excessive pitta (firey, irritatble, inflamation) and excessive kapha (congestion, mucus, lethargy).

So join us!! We will explore:

* Sweet, soft, cozy, nurturing yoga postures

* Breathing techniques (pranayama)

* Simple, relaxing mindfulness and meditation approaches

* Self care of the body (self oil massage and essential oils)

* Grounding foods and relaxing approaches to food

* Centering environments and activities in your daily life

Sunday Slow Yoga

Not currently running. Will start up again in the Fall of 2020

Drop in class - no registration required!

$12 per class

5 class punch card for $50

Sunday Slow Yoga

Begin your week from a place of peace...

A basic weekly drop-in yoga class, open to everyone, in the style of Kripalu Yoga. Each series will build from one class to the next and will reflect the season, however each class will be easy enough to drop in to and as always will encourage you to move according to what your body needs on any given day. We will stretch, strengthen, breathe, relax, explore mindfulness and generally come back home to our bodies in the here and now. The class is inspired by "Kripalu Yoga", which encourages you to discover your own yoga: Find subtle movement within a pose, move based on your intuition, let the practice follow you off the mat into daily life, bring the practice back to your heart as you explore the depths of who you are. All levels of experience welcome.

Next one tba

$45 - payment due at time of registration. Punch cards may be used for this class if you have one currently. ($50 / 5 classes)

Click HERE to register VERY easily and quickly online.

Meditation in Motion and Energy Tools class series

  • Want to deepen your connection to yourself? To source? To your intuition and your energy body?
  • Do you sometimes not feel satisfied after a regular yoga class?
  • Are you incredibly sensitive? Do you want to learn skills to stay "grounded" easier and protect your own energy field?

Then join us as we experiment with Meditation in Motion!!

You may have heard me talk about Meditation in Motion during a yoga class before. This is my favorite approach to yoga thus far, and the most healing and nourishing. It comes from my Kripalu originally - they say "First you do yoga, then yoga does you." We tune into our deepest, wisest, sense of self. Our intuition. Our inner physician. The essence of ourselves. And we breathe and ALLOW the body to move the way it craves. This practice is strongly correlated with the CranioSacral work I do as well. I have healed many things in this way.

I will give lots of guidance, and we will work into periods of free movement. Everything goes in this class! A great place for moaning and groaning; for "making up" new yoga poses; for crying. There is also so much to be learned if you are called to stillness, or if you find yourself frozen with inability to connect and move. This is the top layer from which we enter. We will also practice meditations to feel the energy body with more precision and discuss tools that you can use to "stay centered and grounded" and "keep out other people's energy".

Not running this year due to Jess being on maternity leave.

Think ahead for Valentine's day weekend 2021!!

Space limited to only 6 couples per workshop, sign up today!

Register online by clicking the "Register for the class!" button. Payment required to hold your spot officially. Info on payment included in the form.

Call (239-9642) or email ( Jess Matthiae with questions.

Valentine's Couples Yoga

A two hour partner yoga workshop to share the fun and "union" of yoga with a significant other.

Settle into the silence and rhythms of your sweetheart and learn a little about how they "tick". We will meditate, breathe, connect and move with our partners. We will explore partner yoga poses, simple couples massage, deep stretches aided by another person and guided meditation. Tune in to the breath and energy of your partner, and settle more deeply into your own being as you deeply relax with another in your space, all while having a little fun.