Classes and Workshops

Valentine's Couples Yoga

No experience or flexibility necessary!  Join us for some partner poses, mindfulness, connection and laughter.   My (inflexible, non-yogi) husband and I will be guiding a fun, casual, connection-focused partner yoga class on Valentine's Day!  Come stretch, breathe and laugh your way into your valentine's day before heading out to your evening plans.  


Wednesday, Feb 14

4:30 - 6pm


$45 per couple


Pre-registration required   

Register online here:  2024 Valentine's Yoga Registration Form

Sunday Reset

A movement and mindfulness class inspired by yoga, craniosacral therapy and intuitive energy healing. 

Settle your nervous system, release tensions at their core, reconnect with your body, and clear your mind as you prepare for your week ahead.  

This class offers a container for you to move, breathe and be in community with more authenticity.  

We will practice the art of mindfulness to stay attentive to sensations, feelings and thoughts and respond from a place of intuition and inner wisdom. 

Movement, breath, meditation and rest will all have basic guidance and form, yet the core message of this class is about aligning with your own inner wisdom so that you can move your attention to your center, listen carefully and allow a flow in which great and personal healing can manifest.   

All of my 500 hours of yoga training, plus nearly a year in residential Seva (selfless service) were held at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.  Kripalu's concept of Meditation in Motion has been one of my best teachers and healers and is a core inspiration of this class.  

Learn more about me, Jess Matthiae, HERE


Sundays 10:30am - 12pm

January 21 - March 10


Sliding fee scale between $95 - $125 per person for our 8 week series


Pre-registration required   

Register quickly online here:  January - March Sunday Reset Registration Form

How to Enjoy Your Toddler/Preschooler More!

Join us to laugh and maybe cry about the insanely difficult job this parenting gig is!  This class will focus on connection and support.  I am not an expert, nor will I ever claim to be.  I'm a tired mom myself - and just eager to share a few shifts in how we think about children to help lighten your load.  

This isn't exactly a "parenting class" - or at least I shy away from that term -  as parenting is incredibly personal.  We all have our world views and values that we want to share with our kids, and you are the expert on your own kid!  That part is a more complex piece of your own journey.  

What I can help with though, is how on earth to communicate with these cute little monsters (who we love more than the world itself).  I know the minds and hearts of littles, and I've spent 20 years studying the inner working of humans.  So I can help you with enhancing your relationship, connection, attunement and your natural intuition with your child(ren).  We will think together about ways your unique relationship with your child could be enhanced by listening, understanding the way young people communicate with us, and learning some tools that may have an influence on how much ease and joy you can find day to day with your child.  

My guidance will stem from my deep knowledge of working with children for 20 years, raising my own two kids (hardest job yet) yoga, mindfulness, non-violent communication, possibility management (energy and relationship dynamics, such as staying in one's center, playing roles like victim) and hand in hand parenting. 

Designed for parents of children ages approximately 1 - 6


I'd like to offer a 6 week series.  I will schedule around a group that is interested.   Fill out the registration form, but wait to submit payment until we have a day and time sorted out.  We may even do a zoom class in the evening.  


Sliding fee scale:  $90 - $120 per family


For parents only, no children at this one please.  Same price for one or both parents. 

Pre-Registration required.  

Please fill out this quick form and submit payment:

Relationship Tools for Parents and Kids Registration Form 

Parent Yoga & Mindfulness

This is a class for us as parents to breathe, move, take care of ourselves and be in community, AND your child attends with you!  

Half of the space is a yoga floor and the other half is a preschool, so children can join our practice or play.  You can get a little yoga in, settle your nervous system and learn some ways you can practice yoga at home with your kids.  It will be a little busier of course than a typical yoga class, but it will reflect the daily life of a parent, so that you can practice, in real time, staying centered and taking care of yourself EVEN while your child is with you - because they're with us a lot.  :) 

Kids of all ages are welcome.  Babies napping, nursing and fussing.  Toddlers clinging, nursing and attempting to play with other kids.  Older kids who want to do yoga with us, read, draw or play. 

Next one TBD

Family Yoga & Mindfulness

A Class for Connection

Ages 5 - 10 (approx.) with a grown-up

Settle into some quality time with your child while gaining some yoga & mindfulness tools!   We will explore yoga postures, yoga breaths, partner poses, accessible (and enjoyable!) meditation practices and  emotional & connection tools.  We will laugh, play, connect, stretch, be challenged and rest as an anecdote to the busy-ness and multitasking of life. 

Yoga can help with confidence, coordination, sports agility, immune system functioning, sleep, mental health, relationships, and much more.    Learning alongside your child, you can find authentic ways to weave these tools into your daily life.  




Single class:  Self determined sliding fee scale of $16 and $22 per adult/child pair

Package of 3 classes to be used when you want:  $42 - $60

Whole series (6 classes):  $80 - $115

*** Pricing is for one child & one adult. For each extra member of your family, add approximately 1/3 of your chosen price for each child. An example: A family of 2 adults & 2 kids choose to pay $100 for the whole series, so they should add $33 for the sibling and $33 for the second grownup for a total of $166. 


Pre-registration required.  Registration form will be out soon!



Contact Jess for more information and to set up an appointment! 

Private Sessions

Schedule a private or group session to delve deeper into your yoga practice.