Summer Camps

Yoga and Mindfulness Summer Camps

Week-long summer camps for kids ages 4 - 10

Summer is a busy time!  Enroll in one our camps so your child can take a breath, rest, and check in with their inner world.  This is one of the few "relaxing" or "chill" camps in Missoula. (A review by a previous camper).

Explore Yoga and Mindfulness on the mat, and off the mat as we tune in to nature, friendship, communication and feelings.

All summer camps include Yoga and Mindfulness at the core:  Stretching, strengthening, breathing, balance, meditation practice, emotional wisdom and “real-time” effective social skills.     (Read all about all of the avenues I use HERE)

All camps are completely developmentally appropriate, aka, fun!  Kids tend to LOVE the opportunity to experience and talk about all the components of being human that aren't usually addressed. 

In addition, each camp includes music, singing and dancing, to let our minds rest and engage our souls and our inner muse; art as a way to engage the senses and explore yoga in more formats; and nature exploration as a way to connect with the original source of stillness and peace. We will go to our neighboring park(s) and may travel via city bus to one of our nearby natural areas. 

Yoga is more than a physical exercise.  It is a comprehensive, ancient, infinitely deep well of knowledge of what it means to be a human on this planet.  

One component of yoga is breathwork (the sanskrit word is pranayama). We breathe in imaginative ways to harness the energy of our emotions, cool us down (literally and figuratively!) and clear our minds.  

We'll have fun rearranging our  bodies into yoga shapes (asanas) through stories, obstacle courses and games.  Each pose offers an energy we can use in daily life:  warrior or volcano to feel strong (and in control of this strength) and confident; sloth or sleeping butterfly or flower to feel peaceful;  river (forward flow) to learn how to "go with the flow" and be flexible.  Yoga poses can also be greatly beneficial for children who participate in sports as it increases body/mind connection, balance, strength, focus and more.  

Even the youngest children are able to practice the stillness and self awareness that we find in meditation.  We focus on our senses to hear, see and feel the world around us with greater depth and joy.  We walk slowly to slow down our nervous systems and take in more of the world.  We spend time in nature to align ourselves with the beauty of existence that is beyond human, as a way to instill true love of, and connection to, our planet.  

Mindfulness through self-awareness and emotional empowerment are woven into all that we do.  Kids learn to recognize feelings and needs and begin articulating them.  By studying social patterns and dramas, kids can begin to request what they want directly and problem solve to find solutions that work for everybody in our community.  We open our hearts and clarify our needs through meditation, yoga, breathing and community.  We practice the art of creating a respectful, peaceful, kind and conscious environment.  

Community:  By being "centered" in ourselves, comfortable in our own skin, connected to our hearts and able to be still and observe and listen, we find ourselves easily and naturally loving and accepting all people - an effect that will reverberate through our community if adopted and demonstrated by our youth.  

Balance to our Lives:  These summer camps provide an opportunity for school aged children to study their inner world - the world of emotions, relationship, communication, perspective of others, physical health and energy body awareness.   These lessons provide depth, balance and richness to the school year.    Children may feel more confident, self aware, compassionate, intrinsically motivated to help others, physically healthy and more joyful as they head back to school.  

2023 Summer Camps


Two full week camps:   Monday through Friday, 9am - 3pm

With enough added interest I could potentially open another camp week, or partial week.  If you want to be considered for this, or be on the waitlist, fill out the application! 

Age considerations:  


The camps will be held at the Peaceful Heart Yoga studio:  725 W. Alder St. STE 3  (Please note: this is different than last summer when we were at the church location on 34th street. )

Each afternoon, we will walk to the nearby splash pad at Lowell School, or play in the park across the street from us.  

Each camp will have at least one "Forest Day" each week, most likely in the Rattlesnake as we've done in the past where we do yoga in the shade of the trees, play in the creek, build some fairy homes, and listen to the forest with our hearts:  a reset for our busy nervous systems.  


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