Summer Camps

Kids ages 3 - 17 get to explore Yoga and Mindfulness this summer in one of the few "relaxing" or "chill" (coined by a past camper) camps in Missoula. We laugh as we make funny new shapes with our bodies and turn yoga into creative games, we play and do all the fun kids things including going to Westside Park, but without chaos and drama, partly thanks to a small group size and continuous focus on communication and real friendship skills throughout our days together.

In yoga we breathe (pranayama) in imaginative ways to harness the energy of our emotions, cool us down (literally and figuratively!) and clear our minds. We'll engage in the asanas (yoga poses) through stories, obstacle courses and games. Each pose offers an energy we can use in daily life: warrior or volcano to feel strong (and in control of this strength) and confident; sloth or sleeping butterfly or flower to feel peaceful; river (forward flow) to learn how to "go with the flow" and be flexible.

Mindfulness, self-awareness and emotional empowerment are woven into all that we do. Kids learn to recognize feelings and needs and begin articulating them. By studying social patterns and dramas, kids can begin to request what they want directly and problem solve to find solutions that work for everybody in our community. We open our hearts and clarify our needs through meditation, yoga, breathing and community. We practice the art of creating a respectful, peaceful, kind and conscious environment.

Organic snacks, non-chemical cleaners and small group sizes in a cozy, calm environment.

2018 Summer Camp Weeks:

(M-Th) June 18 - 21: (ages 3 - 6) 9am - 12pm; $80

(M-F) July 9 - 13: (ages 5 - 8); 9am - 12pm; $100

(M-F) July 23 - 27: (ages 5 - 8); 9am - 12pm; $100

(M-F) August 6 - 10: (ages 7 - 12); 9am - 12pm; $100

(M) July 30 “Teen camp”: (ages 12 - 17); 2 - 5pm; $25

(M) Aug 27 “Yoga bliss to take to school”: (ages 5 - 8); 2 - 5pm; $25

(T) Aug 28 “Yoga bliss to take to school”: (ages 7+); 2 - 5pm; $25

* All camps are at Peaceful Heart Yoga: 725 W. Alder #3, Missoula, MT 59802 (near St. Pats Hospital and next to Draught Works)

* Every camp will take a field trip on the Friday of the camp week (if the camp is scheduled on a Friday) - most likely to the nearby park and splash pad at Westside Park

* All camps are taught by Jess Matthiae, the owner of Peaceful Heart LLC

* All camps include a morning snack

* Camp size is limited, so register early!

* You will receive a confirmation when you register, and an email with more information a week or two before your camp begins

How to sign up:

1. Email Jess at or call/text 239-9642 to check for space in the week(s) you want

2. Print, fill out and return the registration form below with payment to 725 W. Alder #3, Missoula, MT 59802 or drop it in the dropbox on the porch railing outside of Peaceful Heart. Alternatively, you are welcome to send the form in online using a fillable pdf app (you can sign it on the first day of camp) or by emailing it to me scanned.

If you choose to pay online, indicate that on your registration form and choose the appropriate payment button below.

2018 Summer Camp Registration Form


For more information:

Check out information for Peaceful Heart Preschool and Kids Yoga classes to learn about my philosophy, get a feeling for environment of the classroom and see types of activities we do.

Stop by to visit the preschool anytime Mon - Thurs - email or call ahead of time please.

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Email me (Jess): or call: 239-9642