Parent Testimonies

"I am extremely happy with the way my daughter has progressed with her social and learning skills during her Pre-K program. The program has offered an excellent facility where she enjoys learning in a fun-filled way. She has developed interest for writing, enjoys yoga, and looked forward to going to school each day. Jess has done an excellent job in sharing, caring and teaching values, while staying committed and offering a superior quality of education for her students. I am glad Maya has gotten the opportunity to be a part of the PreK family, at Peaceful Heart!"

"There are not enough kind words to describe Jess's teaching style and her beautiful way with the kids. She is soft spoken and uses every moment as an opportunity to teach. She values good nutrition and taking care of our bodies. I especially love her commitment to the children, their families and the community. Jess teaches the kids what it means to be good characters and how that looks. Her classroom and lessons were organized but with help from the kids so that they were in control of what their day looked like. We are so grateful that our daughter had the opportunity to be in Jess's classroom and look forward to her taking some yoga classes with her as well."

"Mrs. Jess's guidance, love, and friendship impacted my daughter greatly. She empowered her with a solid educational foundation, verbal skills to problem-solve, and confidence in herself and her abilities. Mrs. Jess brings out the finest in every child she encounters, enabling them to see the best in themselves and others."

"As far as teaching style and things we appreciated about you...Your patience! You always got down on the children’s eye level to talk to them in a calm, friendly way which I know Kids respond to so much better. You were sensitive to our beliefs about not celebrating certain holidays and touched on why its ok for people to be different, and tried to explain this to the kids on their level. Thank you for your creativity in the classroom."

"Both of us believe that his development has been heavily influenced by his preschool experience that you lead. We all saw the substantial growth that occurred through last year and want you to know he has continued to flourish in school. Hats off to you Jess! We fully support yoga and mindfulness in schools and would love to see you work with his Kindergarten class this year. We think it would be a perfect fit."

"Our son loves Peaceful Heart Preschool. Ms. Jess has provided him with a wonderful outlet for his energy and imagination, while encouraging growth both socially and academically. He is better at finding solutions independently when interacting with his peers, and is fascinated by everything he has been learning."