Parent / Child Yoga Preschool

Peaceful Heart Preschool

Parent/Child Yoga Preschool Program

Peaceful Heart Preschool introduces the Parent / Child yoga preschool program for children 2 - 5 years-old along with an adult

Your child gets to try out the fun of preschool with you by their side and you get to experience the rich practice of yoga and mindfulness for your child and for your self as a parent.


We will do all the fun parts of kids yoga together: mooing and meowing, jumping like a frog and dancing to interactive songs. Body awareness, learning through moving, balance, strength, more holistic brain development.

Circle Time!

Just like preschool! We will sing, play instruments, breathe, and hear stories. Interactive, fun, engaging. Brief and relaxed, following the interest level of the children.

Play time!

The kids will get to play with all of the preschool toys and make friends! Along with guiding the children in effective communication and sharing, Miss Jess and parents can discuss the art of "holding space" for young children.


Mondays - 9:00am to 11:30am

Register by the month. Currently running - call or email to check for space.

January 2020 will be our last month running this class due to Miss Jess going on maternity leave. Check back in the fall!


$75 per month

Drop in to a class (call/email to check for space): $23/class

To Register:

1. Call or Text (406-239-9642) or email ( with questions or to check for space. If you want to bring another child, check in with Jess about feasibility and pricing first please! We can almost always make it work and provide a discount for more than one child.

2. Download, Print and Send in this PAPER REGISTRATION FORM along with a check made out to Peaceful Heart Preschool for $135. Or fill out this ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM