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Peaceful Heart LLC is located in the heart of Missoula, Montana.

Peaceful Heart Preschool: a yoga-inspired Preschool

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness for children, adults and families

CranioSacral Therapy

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Do you work with children? Has Yoga been inspirational to you? Want to teach it to kids?? We are offering a Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training in October of 2022!


We have a couple spots left still in our Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Summer camps this summer! June 20 & July 18. Email Jess to check current openings before applying.


Preschool Enrollment is OPEN! Peaceful Heart Preschool, Missoula's own yoga and mindfulness based school, is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 school year for children who will be 3 or older by September of 2022! We have 2 spots left. Click here to fill out the online application. Click here to learn more or call 406-239-9642 with questions!

Contact & Location

We now have TWO locations!

Peaceful Heart Yoga (grounding yoga classes, Craniosacral Therapy) is still at 725 W. Alder St. Suite 3 and is now part of the Missoula Yoga Co-op, which also houses Yoga Happiness (restorative & yin yoga classes, Thai massage).

Peaceful Heart Preschool, our yoga & mindfulness based, full curriculum preschool, has moved to 2205 34th Street.

406-239-YOGA (9642)

Jess Matthiae
Creator & Owner

Current Classes & Programs

Full curriculum preschool for kids ages 3 - 5 with the heart of yoga and mindfulness behind all we do.

Preschool Registration is open for the 2022-23 school year!!

Apply online now

New Location! 2205 34th St., Missoula, MT 59801 Located within Atonement Lutheran Church (we are NOT a religious preschool however)

See our Preschool page to learn more

Outdoor Sunday Yoga & Mindfulness Series

We have TWO class series starting up April 24 - SIX classes each!

Adult (and Teen) Yoga & Mindfulness: Sundays 4:00 - 4:45pm: $60 for the series

Family Yoga & Mindfulness (for kids approx. 4 - 7 with a grown-up): Sundays 5:00 - 5:45pm: $100 for an adult/child pair, more prices listed on the signup form.

Outdoor location in the Rattlesnake - TBD

No class Mother's Day or Memorial Day Weekend

Registration Required - sign up quickly online today. More info is available on the signup form:

CST is beneficial for general well-being and relaxation, or for a specific issue such as headaches, healing from injury or surgery, vertigo, anxiety, depression and more. It can useful as a general "tune-up" when you feel things are "off" or for grappling with a deeply rooted struggle that could use the collaboration of mind, body, energy and spirit.

Jess has studied locally with a gifted intuitive and CST practitioner and with the Upledger Institute. She pulls together her experience in Intuitive Energy Reading, CST, Reiki, yoga, mindfulness, herbalism and more to personalize and optimize each session.

Call or email to schedule:

Sessions are at Peaceful Heart Yoga's indoor studio. Masks are required and a high quality HEPA air filter is running near us the whole time. We will reschedule if either party has any symptoms of illness or is a "close contact."


Kids, Parents, Soon-to-be Parents and Educators

Children benefit from yoga and mindfulness as a way to experience the richness of their own inner world without the distractions of modern day life. Through postures, kids learn balance, regulation, confidence, body awareness and their mental, emotional and physical health improves. Parents and educators are given the sacred task of "holding space" for children to grow. They blossom when we listen carefully, allow their feelings to unfold and stay present with them through all of it.

  • Summer Yoga and Mindfulness Camps,

  • Yoga Classes for parents with young children

  • Family Yoga and Mindfulness Workshops and series

  • Yoga for Pregnancy and Postpartum

  • Kids Yoga Teacher Training

A Yoga-Inspired Preschool

Full preschool curriculum, all with the grounding, mindful, holistic, fun and movement-filled approach of yoga. We focus on social and emotional skills with a brave and honest look at ourselves and creative problem solving at the core. Play-based, child-centered, small class size and organic foods. For kids ages 3 - 5.

Classes and workshops in yoga, meditation and ayurveda

Peaceful Heart's classes and workshops invite us to send down our roots and find our most authentic expression. Yoga classes are on the gentle side and offer variations in each pose to allow for the most beneficial practice. The main influence is that of Kripalu Yoga: inviting authenticity, compassion, and the discovery of your yoga practice in all aspects of life - on the mat, at work and school, in the trenches of parenthood and beyond.

  • Weekly Yoga classes

  • Private Yoga lessons

  • Workshops in Yoga, Meditation , Ayurveda and Mindfulness

What's in a name? I chose these words from our New Culture as it is blossoming. A Peaceful Heart is a heart that is listened to and accepted just as it is; with presence, stillness, respect and love. Our own hearts and the hearts of our children. It is heard in its present state, whether it looks pretty or not - the turmoil, the rumblings, the contradictions, the tantrums. When we choose to feel and be with all that we are - use all the information our hearts are giving us from a place of honesty - that's when we can find a deep peace in every moment. And from this place of stillness and understanding is where we grow and soar.


Peaceful Heart is an LLC, yet we operate as a not-for profit entity. Any income beyond operating expenses goes toward our programming, into our scholarship fund or is donated to a local charity doing work related to ours. Currently we are donating monthly to the YWCA to support their mission of "eliminating racism and empowering women".


When we can tune into the details and the sensations of our children while they navigate the world and allow ourselves to really see and hear WHO that child is, in this moment, we may notice a shift in how we perceive all of life, and maybe find it's all a little easier to enjoy at the same time. More....

Much of our western culture can be a bit overwhelming to those of us who are "sensitive". But did you know that within the "ailment", lies a "cure"?

As an incredibly sensitive human myself, I've been studying this concept in adults and children and from many different lenses, and I've come to love and honor the deep awareness and ACCESS we have to our inner world, thanks to our sensitivity. More...

Somewhere in the midst of my morning routine, I will do a simple stretch or two. In my jammies, without even unrolling my yoga mat. And that might be it. Or I might do more. The beauty of this concept is that it creates a space holder in my day that reminds me that I do that thing called yoga. More...

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