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We've Moved!

Peaceful Heart Preschool has moved back to it's original location downtown!   All operations, including summer camp, will be from this location.   725 W. Alder St. STE 3, Missoula, MT 59801

Preschool Opening

We have one opening in our M/W/F program and one opening in our T/Th program.    Learn all about our preschool here

Contact & Location

We have moved all operations back to our downtown location!

Peaceful Heart Yoga & Peaceful Heart Preschool

Located at 725 W. Alder St. Suite 3,  Missoula, MT 59802

406-239-YOGA (9642) - receives text messages

Jess Matthiae
Founder & Owner

Current Classes & Programs

Full curriculum preschool for kids ages 3 - 5 with the heart of yoga and mindfulness behind all we do.   

Yoga, mindfulness & plenty of time to bask in nature, art & music.  Reggio Emilia approach, stellar social skills, Hand in Hand Parenting approach support for emotions, organic foods, a personalized experience, and teachers passionate about early childhood education.   

Preschool Registration  is NOW OPEN  for the 2023-24 school year!  

*** We have two open spots for this fall ****

PLEASE NOTE:  Starting in the 2023-24 school year, the preschool will return to its original location at 725 W. Alder St. STE 3. 

See our Preschool page to learn more and to apply online

Fall schedule to be out soon

CST is beneficial for general well-being and relaxation, or for a specific issue such as headaches, healing from injury or surgery, vertigo, anxiety, depression  and more.  It can useful as a general "tune-up" when you feel things are "off" or for grappling with a deeply rooted struggle that could use the collaboration of mind, body, energy and spirit.   

Jess has studied locally with a gifted intuitive and CST practitioner and with the Upledger Institute.  She pulls together her experience in Intuitive Energy Reading, CST, Reiki, yoga, mindfulness, herbalism and more to personalize and optimize each session.  

Call or email to schedule:

Yoga, mindfulness, feeling and communication skills and a brave look at our inner world.  A relaxing and fun summer camp in the middle of the busy summer.   

For ages 4 - 10

See all about the camps and register online!


When we can tune into the details and the sensations of our children while they navigate the world and allow ourselves to really see and hear WHO that child is, in this moment, we may notice a shift in how we perceive all of life, and maybe find it's all a little easier to enjoy at the same time.    More....

Much of our western culture can be a bit overwhelming to those of us who are "sensitive".   But did you know that within the "ailment", lies a "cure"?  

As an incredibly sensitive human myself, I've been studying this concept in adults and children and from many different lenses, and I've come to love and honor the deep awareness and ACCESS we have to our inner world, thanks to our sensitivity.  More...

Yoga and mindfulness are an invitation into your center.  At our center, we can know peace and joy naturally.  At their center, all children are beautiful, KIND, love to share and have a really good sense of right and wrong.  They are so much more aware and capable, right from birth, than our society ever gives them credit for.  And they live closer to their center naturally.  They are the brightest of lights just because they are so fresh.   More...

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What's in a name?  A Peaceful Heart is a heart that is listened to and accepted just as it is;  with presence, stillness, respect and love.  Our own hearts and the hearts of our children.  When we can be witnessed, heard and seen in our present state, from a place of stillness and compassion in the listener, we release the tension that blocks our most vibrant expression of who we are.   When we choose to feel and be with all that we are, whether it's pretty or not, and stay with that deepest sensation rather than find ways to numb it,  that's when we can find peace.  And from this place of courage and understanding is where we grow and soar.  

Established in 2013


Peaceful Heart is an LLC, yet we operate as a not for profit entity.  Any income beyond operating expenses goes toward the improvement of our programming, into our scholarship fund or is donated to a local charity doing work related to ours.  Currently we are donating monthly to the YWCA to support their mission of "eliminating racism and empowering women".